Westfield State U Investigating After Student Claims Racist Message Was Written on Her Door

Westfield State University in Massachusetts has launched an investigation into “discriminatory and highly offensive language” after a black student reported finding a racial slur written on her door.


According to MassLive, the student, a senior at Westfield State, shared a photo on social media, claiming that someone wrote “niggers live here” on a name tag on her door in New Hall, a housing complex on campus.

The student, who tagged Westfield State President Ramon Torrecilha and the college itself in the post, was quick to receive a response and an outpouring of support.


Torrecilha immediately sent out a blatant message to the campus community: “This is unacceptable & will not be tolerated. Those responsible will be held accountable. This is not the Westfield I know.”

“As we conduct a thorough investigation of this hateful activity, please know that we have increased our security and have put our residence hall staff on alert to be vigilant,” Torrecilha added in another statement.

People also started rallying on social media under the hashtag #OwlsFightBack.


As MassLive notes, of the some 5,000 undergraduates at the school, 76 percent are white, 10 percent are Hispanic, 5 percent are black, and 6 percent identify as two or more races.

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Kaiser Khan

My freshman year of college, twenty years ago, also in MA, I had a mural of of clippings of my favorite hiphop artists that I’d cut from copies of SPIN magazine covering my dorm room door. One day, I heard a funny sound, and flung my door open to find some dude form the crew team attempting to deface my property. There wasn’t even a conflict. He was so surprised that he’d been caught in the act, that he stammered a little in response to me asking him what the fuck he was doing before he made an excuse and hustled off.

Later, I sprayed hair spray on his peep hole, lit it on fire, banged loudly and walked off. My hope was that he’d peer through the peep hole, and go crazy because it looked like the rapture had come knocking at his door.

My roommate (a random named Damon) dressed up and did renaissance fairs. The girl on the floor below me who I had a crush on started dating some dude from Tufts, and smuggled him into our door for nearly two months. He flunked out of Tufts, and his family had to fly up from Puerto Rico and literally drag him onto an airplane going home. I did shrooms for the first time. You could smoke in your dorm room. Sorry, I went on a nostalgic tangent there, didn’t I.