'[N-Word] Hating' White Student Arrested, Kicked Out of California College After Drunken, Racist, Homophobic Rant

Dayton Kingery is facing felony vandalism charges as well as charges for resisting arrest and elder abuse.
Dayton Kingery is facing felony vandalism charges as well as charges for resisting arrest and elder abuse.
Photo: Orange Police Department

Dayton Kingery got an education he didn’t initially apply to school for.

The 21-year-old Chapman University student was arrested and is no longer a student at the Orange County, Calif. college after going on a rant in a campus classroom and then destroying property.


According to the Orange County Register, local police arrested Kingery on suspicion of felony vandalism and making criminal threats for allegedly using obscenities aimed at black and gay people during a Feb. 4 incident that was captured on widely-circulated cell phone videos.

“Been drinking Bacardi all day [n-word],” he says. “I @#$%ing hate [N-words].”

Kingery’s classmates are seen instructing him to settle down.

He replies: “Got any [n-words] in here?”


“I @#$%ing hate f@#$ts, too,” he’s heard saying in a video clip.

Other video angles show Kingery being berated by his classmates as he continues yelling using slurred speech.

“Don’t say my name,” he tells another student. “You don’t know who I am, guy. I’m not kidding. @#$%ingg bury you, I’m worth like $50 million dollars.”

Another video shows Kingery being tossed out into the hallway by his classmates, and after someone mistakenly hands him a backpack that isn’t his, he throws the bag down the hallway before running up and stomping on it.


Orange police Sgt. Phil McMullin told the outlet there was a laptop inside that was damaged.

Kingery was carried out by police tied by his legs.

McMullin said officers applied leg restraints to Kingery, who was resisting.

“(Campus public safety) already had him detained when (Orange police) arrived,” McMullin said. “He did appear intoxicated.”


Kingery is accused of assaulting a security guard who is over 65 years old, and police added a booking charge of elder abuse.

Chapman University President Daniele C. Struppa issued a statement on Twitter.


“Racist and homophobic conduct will not be tolerated on this campus and we took decisive and swift action. As of this afternoon, the individual responsible for this incident is no longer a student at Chapman University.”



“I also want to extend my deepest apologies to the Black and LGBTQIA communities who were specifically targeted during today’s incident,” Struppa’s statements continued.


The outlet also reported that jail records revealed Kingery was released from custody the next day after posting bond.

According to Greenwich Time, Kingery traveled with three other Brunswick students to the village of Kitongo in Tanzania to volunteer at an orphanage and school run by The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children when he was a teenager.

His father Jim Kingery told the outlet: “Dayton is a great kid. Right now we’re focused on getting him the help he needs.”


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