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Earlier this afternoon, the New York Times reported that President Obama told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak he shouldn't run again at the end of his term.

Mubarak is on board with this plan. He just assured protesters that he won't seek re-election (not to mention, he prays to God to guide him to a successful path to end his career).


That sounds nice, and President Obama might be happy with this outcome. But the crowd in Tahrir Square in Cairo, where Mubarak spoke: not so much. Al Jazeera is reporting that outraged protesters who wanted him to step down immediately mocked him during the speech, shouting "Leave! Leave!" and "Get Out!"

Mubarak said he would work tirelessly with Parliament, both Houses and others during the remainder of his term, and promised to give voice to all political parties.

We can't imagine he thought this would go over well. Has he been watching any coverage of public sentiment in his country over the past few days? And is he familiar with the expression, "too little, too late"?

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