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Howard University’s yard isn’t a dog park, but the historic black university in Washington, D.C., has been reduced to as much by colonizing residents who have made it their home (and Lassie’s).

As reported by DCist, Susan and the like have descended on HU’s hallowed grounds with their puppies on parade despite the fact that Northwest D.C. is full of nearby recreational parks.


Understandably, students aren’t happy about it. But not understandably, the colonizers insist on colonizing. Apparently, playing Hackensack with Hounds and Extreme Dog Frisbee are more important than respecting a 152-year-old HBCU and its students.

“You know this is a university. You know this is a historically black university. And you feel so entitled that you’re just going to walk your dog there?” says Briana Littlejohn, a senior at the institution.

“The yard is for the students and although everyone loves pets, I feel like it’s disrespectful to have your pets running around when there are other parks,” Howard student Malakhi Briggs said in an interview with Fox5.


The level of caucasity peaked when a D.C. resident caught wind of the students outrage and then, in front of TV cameras, the ignorance jumped out.

#GentrifyingGeorge told D.C.’s Fox 5 that the students and the campus are a part of the D.C. community and that they should “move the campus” if they aren’t pleased with what has transpired. Yes, this man at his big age said that they should pick up and move the campus as if it was some random ass trailer park that you could hitch to a wagon and take it mobile.


This is an ongoing trend in the D.C. area. Places that were once rich with black culture have now been whitewashed, and the city has become unrecognizable to those who have called it home for many years. I knew D.C. was a different place when I noticed a Warby Parker and a Soul Cycle on U Street. These new businesses have been erected to fit a certain demographic, and it does not look like any of us.

This is a clear example of white privilege just showing its pale face to the masses. There are a bevy of parks around the D.C. area for white people to enjoy some mild mannered frivolity with their dogs, and Howard University is not one of those places.


The only dogs that should be allowed on the yard should be Que Dogs, and that’s that on that.