Fresh from our "Black women don't stand a chance" file, a mother of three has been convicted of "homicide by vehicle in the second degree" after her son was killed while the family was crossing the street in Georgia.

Since they were not in a crosswalk, the mother was charged and convicted of the crime and now faces three years in prison. The driver, Jerry Guy, who was blind in one eye and had been convicted of two prior hit-and-run incidents, also admitted to being on pain medication and having had a "little alcohol" earlier on the day of the accident. While he was sentenced to just six months in jail and will serve five months' probation, the mother, who crossed where she did because the nearest crosswalk is half a mile away, is facing three years.

How is that fair? Talk about being kicked while down — a woman loses her son, and now she may be taken away from her daughters over at best a bad decision. This accident happened last year, and she has yet to be able to grieve because of this court case. How will this help her two daughters who have already lost their 4-year-old brother and may now lose their mother?

This is "justus" for real. Losing a child is punishment enough. If not, then going through a public trial and being convicted of killing your child should be. Enough is enough. 

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