Morehouse and Howard Take to the Field

Howard University; Morehouse College

It's been nearly 15 years since the Howard University Bison and the Morehouse College Maroon Tigers battled it out on the field. This month the two teams will head to the nation's capital to renew their historic football rivalry, which dates back to 1923.

Bison and Maroon Tigers fans alike will descend on Washington for a packed weekend of events leading up to the AT&T Nation's Football Classic at D.C.'s RFK Stadium. Off the turf, the weekend will be full of mind-stimulating events that will showcase the colleges' academic rivalry, their philanthropic heritage and more.


For those looking to see the action on the field, the game at RFK Stadium starts on Saturday at 3:30pm. Tickets are available online and start at $15. All of the weekend's other events are open to the public for free.

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