More Hate Crimes That Never Happened

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Authorities now say that Sharmeka Moffitt of Louisiana, the woman who told police that she was set on fire by three men and that her car had racial slurs smeared on it, was actually responsible for inflicting on herself what originally appeared to be a "racially motivated attack."

As outrageous as that may seem, it's not the first time someone's had a similar idea. Rolling Out has collected a few instances that, while not as serious at Moffit's case (she remains in critical condition), are just as difficult to understand.

Ashley Todd, McCain Volunteer, Attacked By Angry Black Man — In Her Head 

Pittsburgh: Ashley Todd, 20, was at the ATM, minding her business, when she was approached by a large black male who spotted her car's McCain sticker. Enraged, the black male mugged Todd, gave her a black eye and carved the letter "B" into her face. He told her "you are going to be a Barack supporter."

Alicia Hardin Receives Hate Mail — After She Mails it To Herself 

Chicago: In 2005, hate mail flooded Trinity International College, a small Christian school outside Chicago and authorities relocated the terrorized minority students to a local motel. Alicia Hardin had convinced authorities that white supremacists were sending the mail,  but students pointed the finger at Hardin. Police discovered that Hardin, in fact, was sending the letters because she was bored at Trinity and wanted to relocate to another school. She was jailed for her fake crime wave …

Professor Madonna Finds A Noose — Right Where She Left It Beforehand 

New York: Columbia University Teachers College  professor Madonna Constantine found a noose hanging on her office door in 2007 and the university rallied around her as the incident was investigated. When the smoke cleared, authorities determined that Madonna Constantine — even with an angelic name like hers—planted the noose to divert attention from her embarrassing plagiarism charges …


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