More Donald Trump Dirty Laundry: This Time He Cracked Jokes About Melania’s Pregnancy Weight: Report

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

When former model Melania Trump was five months pregnant with her first child, her husband, Donald Trump, went on Howard Stern’s radio show and said he would give her a couple of days to a week to regain her model figure after giving birth.


The Washington Post dug up this gem in light of all the details of Trump’s alleged affair with adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who is said to have taken a $130,000 payout and signed a nondisclosure agreement to prevent the very thing that is happening now: all the tea being spilled day after day.

This particular appearance on Stern’s show took place Dec. 7, 2005.

“You know, Howard, she’s got the kind of a body and makeup where, about one day after the baby, it’s going to be the same as it was before,” Trump told Stern.

“You’re giving her one day?” Stern asked in response.

“One or two,” Trump answered.

He then reconsidered his answer a few moments later.

“I think I’ll give her a week,” he said. “No, I’ll give her a week.”

Stern asked Trump if he would stay with Melania even if she had cellulite.

“I will,” Trump said. “I will love her so much. You have no idea. I’m a very loyal person. I will love her so much.”


Little Barron Trump was born in March 2006. Four months later, in July, his father is alleged to have begun an affair with Stormy Daniels after meeting her at a golf tournament in Nevada.


So much for that supposed “loyalty.” I guess much like his being a “stable genius,” it’s just a figment of his imagination.

In that same interview, Trump told Stern that he had seen “beautiful women that for the rest of their lives have become a horror” after giving birth.


“You know, they gain, like, 250 pounds,” he said. “It’s a disaster.”

He had all of that to say when he has put on significant weight and looks the way he does? OK. I guess he doesn’t hold the same standards for himself.


And then there’s this quote from New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, who visited the Trumps about two months after Melania gave birth to Barron:

When I visited about two months after his lovely wife, Melania, now 46, gave birth to the couple’s son, Barron, now 10, the infamous germaphobe boasted that after fathering five children, he’d never changed a diaper.

I enthused that Melania, who stood quietly nearby aboard 5-inch stilettos, had lost all her baby weight. Trump corrected me: “She’s almost lost all the baby weight.”

I was embarrassed for the mother of his youngest kid, who ignored the dig.

What a piece of shit.


People say a lot of things about Melania, but every time more info comes out about her husband, I feel a little sorry for her.

Sure, it’s possible she signed up to be a sugar baby, but when she was thinking about securing the bag, I don’t think she thought she would have to put up with all of this.


Another thought occurred to me as I read this and as I think about all the other news that has been popping up about him lately.

Would people be so passive and accepting of all of this if these stories were about Barack Obama?


Something to think about.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

She signed on to this mess, she knows what kind of asshole she married. I can’t waste time feeling sorry for her.

I don’t like any of these motherfuckers.