Initially, I found this report to be oxymoronic, but that was me giving into stereotypes that Britain is full of pubs, paps, and pissy attitudes. I know: Shame on me.

However, these days you will find an influx of Brits who are indeed moving around in a perpetual sour mood.

According to a new survey, Britons have become meaner, cheaper, and downright unbearable in some cases.

Nearly a third of people said they would no longer buy a round of drinks when out with friends. Four out of 10 people admitted they now carefully study a restaurant bill to ensure they only pay for what they have ordered, while 27% said they no longer bought their friends birthday presents.

Furthermore, 22% of those questioned said they now turn their heads when collections are taken up at work, while 37% said they would no longer send flowers to say thank you.

This has all led to a number of Britons becoming increasingly frustrated with their day-to-day lives — thus affecting many of their personal relationships.


This report got me wondering: In a land where the pound trounces the dollar, if those in the U.K. have seen their attitudes compromised over their finances, what’s to come of us here who are hurting even more?

Have any of you already encountered friends whose personas have altered into something less than desirable?

Has going out become even more complicated because people don’t bring enough cash or try to leech off of you a little more than you’d like?


Or have you yourself become that friend that’s moody, inconsiderate, or downright cheap because your cash flow concerns have overcome you?

I’d love to hear from those whose friends’ smiles have fallen as fast as our economy.

Come on now, don’t be shy. You don’t have to give me the last four digits of their social, but you can fill me in on whether or not you’re considering entering a new circle of friends.


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