Monday's Headlines

WP: AIG Discloses Use of Bailout Funds; You Didn't Get Any, But an Incompetent Did

Times of London: Thousands of Girls Mutilated in Britain

WSJ: Having Little Interest in Being Opposed, Chavez Sends Navy to Venezuela's Seaport to Make This Clear


AP: Imus Has Prostate Cancer; Rev. Al Sharpton to Protest This in Some Way

Reuters: Obama Turning to Volunteer Corps; Needs Help in 'Yes We Can (Spend More Money)' Budget Campaign

CNN: Model Audition Ends in Riot; Because of Bomb Scare, Not Tyra Being Insane

USA: Kwame Kilpatrick's Ex Jump-Off Gets Out; Job Prospects Not as Good as His

ESPN: The Game and the Grades Mean Scholarship, Right?

BET: From Inkwell to Ink Spot: Pool of Black Stock Owners Drying

BBC: China Athletes 'Faked' Age; US Likely to Say Absolutely Nothing

USA Today: March Madness Brackets Filled, Employers Brace for Downturn in Productivity


NYT: Cheney Says Obama Has Raised Security Risk; Probably Said from Wheelchair

LAT: Actor, Activist Ron Silver Dead at 62

ABC: Bernanke Says Lack of 'Political Will' in Way of Recovery; Buzz Thought It Was Thieves and Idiots


CNN: Widow of Sammy Davis Jr. Dies

Al Jazeera: Captors Free Aid Workers in Darfur, Get Reacquainted with Slaughter of Civilians


HuffPo: White House Braces for Populist Backlash, Think Giving AIG All that Guap Wasn't So Bright

Christian Science Monitor: Job Loss Hits Black Men Hardest; Rebuttal to Data Probably Coming Shortly


THR: Tupac's Family Rips Morgan Creek Execs, File Suit; Lay Down Tracks for 'Hit 'Em Up' Remix

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