Black Enterprise: Top Republicans Want to Let Some Banks Fail; So Does Buzz and Everyone Else

The Daily Mail: Longevity Linked to Body's Reaction Time; Why Blacks Don't Live Forever Unknown


The Huffington Post: PM of Zimbabwe Involved In Car Accident, Wife Killed

The Chicago Tribune: Consumers Willing to Make Sojourn to Buy Black

Black America Web: D.C. Voting Rights Bill Back on Calendar for Tuesday Vote

USA Today: Illinois Pastor Slain During Service

The Washington Post: Obama Feeling Extra Ambitious; Plans to Shield Science from Politics, Make Lame Beggars Walk


The New York Times: U.S. Dollar on the Rise, Other Dollars on the Fall

CNN: Sudan's Bashir Returns to Darfur, Still Doesn't See What Fuss is About

Stanford News Service: Obama Being 'Everybody's Black Friend' Allows For Racist Attitudes to Persist; Black Folks Utterly Underwhelmed by Discovery

Politico: Stop Putting Your Shoe In Rush and Steele, White House, and Govern In New Way You Said You Would

The Daily Swarm: Rapper Ghostace Pens Song for Battered Women, Reminds Rihanna to Protect Neck


BET: Politics Is a Beauty Pageant After All: 14 Hottest Blacks on Capitol Hill

ESPN: Terrell Owens Signs With Buffalo, Buzz Wonders if Owens Knows Where Buffalo Is


The Huffington Post: Steele Still Butt of Jokes, SNL Takes Their Crack at Chairman

CNN: Balling on a Budget: Eating Healthy on the Cheap

Al Jazeera: North Korea Threatens Dust-Up if South Korea/US War Games Get Rowdy

Yahoo! News: Catholic Church Goes on Excommunication Spree in Brazil

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Rapper Andre 3000 is Legendary; Stage Version of Cartoon Not

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