Mom Turns in Son Accused of Public Masturbation on NYC Train in Viral Video, Police Say

Prosecutors say this man, seen in a viral video being berated for public masturbation on a New York City subway train and identified by police as Kevin Cuffe, has been caught in the same act before.
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An accused public masturbator who was seen on video being shamed off a New York City No. 2 subway train after allegedly touching himself was turned in to police by his mother, NYPD officials say, DNAinfo reports.

According to the report, the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Kevin Cuffe, was turned in to the police three days after the video went viral on Facebook, and was charged with public lewdness before being released.


DNAinfo reports that according to prosecutors, Cuffe was first spotted by a witness with his hand in his pants for more than half an hour while staring at women on a southbound 2 train in December 2015.

Eight months later, around noon on Aug. 15, Cuffe was allegedly caught doing the same thing on another southbound 2 train. A commuter spotted him and started recording the incident on her cellphone and demanding that Cuffe get off the train.


"What are you doing? You over here rubbing your [d—k]? What the [f—k] are you doing?" the commuter, a woman identified as Deanna Carter, is seen asking Cuffe in the video, which had been viewed over 3 million times as of Thursday morning.

"Do it again and I'm getting up out this chair and I'm going to bust your [f—king] ass on this train. We understand each other?" Carter adds. "Get off this train with that freaky [s—t]."


"I'm in one of those moods!' she says as she continues berating Cuffe. "I will [f—k] you up on this train! Do you hear me? I can't [f—king] hear you. Do you [f—king] hear me?"

Cuffe then is seen leaving the train at the next stop, holding his bag in front of him.


According to DNAinfo, Cuffe's lawyer did not return a request for comment.

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