Mom Orchestrated Slayings of Witnesses in Son’s Trial, Prosecutors Say

Suspects in what St. Louis prosecutors say was a conspiracy to kill teen witnesses to a homicide are Tyrell Davidson; his mother, Latasha Mopkins; Frederick Mopkins; Cortez McClinton; and Travon Knighten
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A Missouri mother is charged with arranging the killing of two teens who witnessed her son kill another boy, KMOV reports.

The update in the case comes nine months after charges were originally dropped against Tyrell Davidson, the suspect in the September 2013 St. Louis killing of 16-year-old Chauncey Brown. Now Davidson's mother, along with three others, is being charged in connection with the deaths of the two witnesses in the case.


Davidson was accused of killing Chauncey, who had attended a teen party at Club 187 the night of his death. Prosecutors say that Chauncey and his friend James Moore were chased down by a Dodge Charger before shots were fired and Chauncey was fatally hit in the chest.

A month later, on Oct. 22, 2013, James was shot and killed in Barret Brothers Park. James was with his younger brother, but only James was chased down and killed, prosecutors charged.

Another several months later, on April 22, 2014, another teen, Noah Barnes, was found fatally shot with wounds to the head, torso and extremities. Noah had allegedly been in Davidson's car at the time of Chauncey's death.

"I had fear for everybody. All the kids that were even around this young man," Deadra Rounds, Chauncey's mother, said, according to KMOV.


Eventually, witnesses were no longer willing to testify against Davidson, and in October 2015, charges were dropped and Davidson was released.

"At first I kind of felt, 'Wow, he's going home.' That pissed me off real bad," Rounds recalled.


Investigators say they have since discovered that the deaths of Noah and James were arranged by Davidson's mother, Latasha Mopkins. Mopkins recruited the help of Frederick Mopkins and Cortez McClinton to make sure that her son's case was dropped, authorities charge.

Latasha Mopkins, prosecutors charge, recruited McClinton and Frederick Mopkins to kill the teens. Frederick Mopkins also enlisted the help of Travon Knighten to help with the killing of James, authorities say.


All suspects are currently in custody and being held without bond. McClinton had been convicted in 2014 of a murder during a home invasion.


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