Mom of the Year Gets a Surprise When She Skips Her Own Graduation to Attend Her Son's

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Mothers far too often go unrewarded for their tremendous sacrifices. But thankfully, Central Michigan University made it their mission to ensure that Sharonda Wilson received a surprise blessing for hers.


When Sharonda discovered that her college graduation fell on the same date as her son Stephan’s, the decision was obvious: there was no way she would miss his graduation. So she chose to forego her own.

“One of Stephan’s friends works in President Davies’ office as a student worker,” Ari Harris, the assistant communications director for CMU, told Buzzfeed News. “She saw a post on Stephan’s Facebook page about Mrs. Wilson skipping her ceremony in order to watch Stephan walk.”

Davies then called David Eisler, the president of Ferris State University, where Sharonda was scheduled to graduate. The two of them put their heads together and came up with a plan: they would surprise both Stephan and his mom by presenting Sharonda with her own graduation cap and ceremony during Stephan’s graduation.

“It was a very fast turnaround,” Ari Harris, spokesman for CMU, told CNN.

“I had been looking forward to walking across that stage and accepting my degree for a long, long time,” Stephan said in a statement. “Earning my degree was such a huge milestone in my life, and having my mom with me to celebrate that moment was an unbelievable blessing. I am so proud of us both.”

Sharonda earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and her son, who sang during the ceremony, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theater.


“Sharonda and Stephan both put in the long hours and hard work, and they deserved the chance to celebrate together as a family,” Davies said in a statement. “We appreciated the opportunity to partner with our friends at Ferris State to recognize and celebrate this milestone achievement for both Stephan and Sharonda.”

Congrats to Sharonda and Stephan. I’m sure she’ll remember this early Mother’s Day Gift for the rest of her life.

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