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MLK-memorial inscription to be changed: An inscription on the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial that has faced criticism will be changed, an Interior Department official tells CNN. Poet and author Maya Angelou was among those who said the paraphrased inscription reading, "I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness," wrongly made King seem arrogant.

Michelle Obama joins Twitter: The Washington Post reports that the first lady racked up more than 88,000 followers and, of course, got a presidential welcome as soon as she joined the social networking site. 


Beijing crowd eggs Apple store after iPhone 4s delay: Hundreds of customers who had waited overnight outside the Apple store in a shopping mall in Beijing erupted into anger when the store failed to open as scheduled at 7 a.m. Some pelted the store with eggs and shouted at employees through the windows.

The real reason political leaders grant pardons: Slate explains that compassion, loyalty, money,and revenge can all be factors.

High school teacher under fire for anti-gay Facebook posts: A New Jersey schoolteacher accused of writing anti-gay comments on Facebook, including calling homosexuality a "perverted sin that breeds like cancer," may face termination. 

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