Mitt Romney, the Tin Man With No Heart

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (Getty Images)
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow evaluates GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comment that he is "not concerned about the very poor" and determines that he is "disastrously out of touch" for a man who wants to lead the nation.


No one should be surprised that the Tin Man has a tin ear.

After all, Mitt Romney is the same multimillionaire who joked that he was “unemployed” while he was “earning” more in one day than most Americans earn in a year and paying a lower rate on those earnings than most Americans do.


This is the same man who bragged last month that he liked to fire people at a time when nearly 13 million people are out of work and who accepted the endorsement this week of Donald Trump, who has made “You’re Fired!” his television catchphrase.

This is the same man who in November claimed that federal employees are making “a lot more money than we are.” What?! We? What we? Please direct me to the federal employees with the $20 million paychecks. In fact, The Washington Post pointed out in November that federal employees on average “are underpaid by 26.3 percent when compared with similar nonfederal jobs, a ‘pay gap’ that increased by about 2 percentage points over the last year while federal salary rates were frozen.”

And who could forget his remark that “corporations are people.” Classic.

But this week when Romney said that he wasn’t concerned about the very poor in this country, he jumped in the pickle barrel and went over the waterfall.


Read Charles M. Blow's entire column at the New York Times.

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