Alexis Jones-Rhodes
WSB-TV screenshot 

Updated Thursday, May 21, 4:20 p.m. EDT: Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Jones-Rhodes, who had been missing since Monday, has been found safe in Illinois, WBS-TV reports

Authorities say that there was no foul play involved in her sudden disapperance, which occurred while the 22-year-old was supposed to be on her way to her graduation. 


A Clark Atlanta University student was supposed to be going to her graduation on Monday, but the 22-year-old never showed up. Now her family is making a public plea for her safe return home, WSB-TV reports.

Alexis Jones-Rhodes, who goes by “A.J.,” left home early Monday morning with a cap and gown and was reportedly heading to her graduation from Clark Atlanta. Her family later learned that she didn’t check in.


A university representative said that Jones-Rhodes’ name was not on the official commencement list and there was no record of her having paid fees for a cap and gown.

“I have no idea where my daughter is,” her mother, Nicole Johnson, said, according to the news station. “It's taken a lot just to stand up here, so I just want to say, A.J., please, please, please come home.”

Family friends put up fliers with her picture on Wednesday.

“I'm hoping that if someone knows where she is that they make her aware her parents just want to see her home safely,” Johnson said. “If it’s in her power, Alexis, if you can do it, just please come home.”

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