Minn. Woman Accused of Using Mace on Wendy’s Employees Over Stale Fries

Anoka County (Minn.) Jail
Anoka County (Minn.) Jail

A Minnesota woman took her fries way too seriously, allegedly going to the extent of spraying Wendy’s employees with Mace during an argument over the freshness of the french fries.


According to WTSP, employees at a Coon Rapids branch of the fast-food chain told the police that 25-year-old Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson came through the drive-thru and ordered her food, asking that her french fries be fresh.

Somehow an argument broke out, at which point Dixson allegedly reached through the window. An employee reportedly threw a soda at Dixson, at which point she grabbed Mace from her car, spraying it through the drive-thru window, according to the report. The manager of the Wendy’s was hit directly in the face, along with another employee.


Dixson is facing a felony charge of using tear gas to immobilize. According to KSTP, the charge carries a sentence of up to five years in prison and/or a $3,000 to $10,000 fine.

Read more at WTSP and KTSP.

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