Minn. Man Charged With Felonies After Yelling Racial Slurs at 13-Year-Old Girl While Wielding Knife

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A Minnesota man has been charged with two felonies after allegedly pulling a knife on a 13-year-old girl who reportedly made fun of his white supremacist tattoos, the Post Bulletin reports. Jamie Lee Chris Schammel, 35, of Austin was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and making terrorist threats, but he has since been released after posting conditional bail, the site notes.

According to the report, on the night of Sept. 25, the 13-year-old called the police, reporting that her friends were having a bonfire when a man came up to her on a bicycle and called her a racial slur. 


The man, later identified as Schammel, began to ride away before yelling the slur again, throwing a water bottle at the girl when she told him to leave. Schammel then got off the bicycle and pulled out a collapsible baton. The girl screamed at her friends to get inside. At that point, Schammel allegedly pulled a knife and ran toward the girl, who was about 20 feet away, while continually using slurs and swearing. 

According to the Bulletin, the girl thought that Schammel could have been on drugs and was going to stab her as she ran to her front steps. Schammel got on his bike and rode away at that point but was later found by officers. He reportedly tried to deny his involvement at first but then later admitted to the confrontation, alleging that the group of friends had yelled racial slurs at him as he rode away because of his white supremacist tattoos. Schammel claimed that the individuals were reaching into their waistbands, prompting him to pull out his baton. He denied, however, pulling a knife. Officers took two knives and the baton from him. 

This is not Schammel's first run-in with the law. In 2003 he was convicted of third-degree murder for a meth-lab explosion that killed a man in 2001. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. More recently, in 2013, he was convicted of making terrorist threats and sentenced to 17 months in prison for assaulting his father. 

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