President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama gush over “Lil' Pope,” who arrived at the White House Halloween party in his own miniature popemobile.
Twitter via @WhiteHouse

From the mini pope at the White House to President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, some kids’ Halloween costumes this year were downright cute and creative, knocking the traditional Cinderella and Batman getups straight out of the box.

Here are a few costumes from around the Internet that will give you a chuckle, but probably not as big as the one the president had when the mini pope arrived in his popemobile at the White House Halloween celebration Friday. Obama was so taken by the costume that he declared “Lil’ Pope” winner of the top prize:

This little girl totally floored the president when she showed up in the Oval Office:

Check out mini POTUS and FLOTUS:

Uncle Denzel:

Is this Drizzy way cuter than the original?

A Chicago hot dog stand transformed into a McDowell’s franchise, which was made famous in Coming to America:

Viola Davis’ daughter just wanted to be, well, Viola Davis:

The “neighborhood cat lady” who kicked off the week at Global Grind:

Did you see others? Let us know in the comments.