Michelle Obama Will Teach You How to Dougie, Glenn Beck Thinks bin Laden Is Alive and More

Michelle Obama (AP)
Michelle Obama (AP)

Video: Michelle Obama will teach you how to Dougie: At first she was reluctant to join in with D.C. students paying tribute to her "Let's Move!" campaign with Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" routine because she hadn't learned all the moves. That didn't last long, the Daily Mail reports: "Once the music started, the First Lady, who was showing off her toned arms in a loose-fitting chartreuse silk top, could not resist and started wiggling her hips. With a beaming smile and a glint in her eye, the President's wife was evidently cheered by the wave of goodwill towards her husband after his success in finding the world's most wanted man." Have we mentioned that we love her? We love her. (We love her so much, we also took our own video of FLOTUS setting it off, here.)


Mike Tyson copycat tattoo sparks lawsuit: BET reports that S. Victor Whitmill, the man responsible for Tyson's facial tattoos, is suing Warner Bros. over the duplicated face art that actor Ed Helms sports in the highly anticipated Hangover 2. The allegation is that Warner Bros. copied the award-winning tattoo artist's design without getting his permission or crediting him. Who knew that something so unattractive could be the subject of so much controversy?

Black voters find Obama "bold"; Whites think he's slacking: The Loop21's Charles Ellison reports that in a recent poll, whites were found to associate a more negative view of the president than African Americans. One interesting note: "While most respondents — 60 percent regardless of race — agree that President Obama is 'intelligent,' things get a little shaky on whether or not someone would describe him as 'bold' and 'decisive.' " Check out the rest of the interesting (if not entirely surprising) findings.

Surprise! Glenn Beck thinks bin Laden is alive: On his radio show today, Glenn Beck announced that something isn't right with the story of the death of Osama bin Laden, and he floated a conspiracy theory that the former al-Qaida leader isn't really dead, asking, "Are we seeing a show? Is it possible that Osama bin Laden has been ghosted out of his compound?" Shocker. Remember when Obama joked about Donald Trump trying to find Biggie and Tupac? Maybe he could add bin Laden to the list and Beck could join the investigation.

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