Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News

First lady Michelle Obama just keeps us guessing with her indelible fashion sense. New York magazine duly notes that on Friday she sported a new look for her commencement address at Bowie State University in College Park, Md.: side-swept bangs.

Gone are the blunt midlife crisis bangs she debuted in February, leaving behind only a poofy, angled trace of the controversial fringe action. Michelle weathered the most difficult part of the bangs aftermath well — though she admitted they were "irritating," she never dealt with the clips and headbands mess many parents use on their kids to get them through the unflattering growing-out period.

But, why now? Is she over the look? Does she know that instead of providing shade, bangs are inviting sweat to cover a forehead during a D.C. summer?

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