Michelle Obama and When We All Vote Unveil New Site That Helps You Cast Your Midterm Ballot

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It’s something of an understatement to say that anticipation is high for this year’s midterms. Researchers and pollsters around the country are predicting record high turnout for the 2018 elections—with one NPR story predicting as many as 47 percent to 50 percent of eligible voters will cast a ballot this year.

If that seems low, here’s some perspective: turnout numbers haven’t been that high in 50 years.


But as our #ForeverFirstLady might put it, why not aim even higher?

As part of her When We All Vote campaign, a new website is now available to interested voters that will help provide users with everything they need to vote.

The site, WhenWeAllVote.org, allows voters to find their polling locations and—a major plus for those who might find it hard to vote on election day—informs them of options to vote early or by mail. The site also shows users who will be on their ballots, and helps them research candidates before heading to the polls.

Obama also released a new PSA, filmed during last month’s When We All Vote Week of Action, encouraging Americans of all ages and backgrounds to vote.

In the PSA, Obama highlights the importance of owning your choices; voting, after all, is a form of exercising your agency. It’s a way of preventing other people from taking power over your lives.


“You wouldn’t give your grandmother the power to decide what clothes you wear to the club. You wouldn’t give your crazy uncle the power to post a picture to your Instagram feed,” Obama told a crowd of 64,000 at a Miami Week of Action Rally.

“So, why would you give a stranger the power to make far more important decisions in your life?” she asked.


Your vote is so important that many, many, many, many people are fighting tooth and and nail to keep you from it. This November, it’s time to take some of that power back.

Editor’s Note: The Root is an official media partner of When We All Vote.

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