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Michele Norris on Collecting 'Race Cards'

David Malan/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
David Malan/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Michele Norris on collecting "race cards": The National Public Radio host asked people to express their thoughts on race in six words, and the effort became "The Race Card Project." "I thought I knew a lot about race," the award-winning black journalist told the Associated Press. "I realized how little I know through this project."


Gabby Douglas wants an apology from her father: The 16-year-old gymnast opens up about what she calls her family's "hiccups" in Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith.

Application complications for mixed-race teens:  A Huffington Post piece explores the dilemmas of students who say they don't fit into a single box. Those who feel this way aren't alone: According to 2010 census data, more than 9 million people in the U.S. identify themselves as being two or more races.


Mike Tyson and Brad Pitt's love triangle: During an interview for In Depth With Graham Bensinger on Yahoo Sports, Tyson discussed how he felt when he found out that the actor was dating his ex-wife, Robin Givens. A highlight: "He wasn't Brad Pitt back then. He was just some little beach-bum-looking dude. 'Hey dude' kind of guy. He was probably selling his body for money or something, I don't know. He was very pretty."

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