Katherine Jackson is planning a fan convention for Gary, Indiana. Some, like Roger Friedman of Show Biz 411, are less-than-pleased about it.

this is almost too sad to write about. If only Robert Altman were alive, he could film it as the sequel to “Nashville.” Promised for the event are Michael’s first cousin Keith Jackson, who promises in a video to exhibit his Michael memorabilia; self-published author Aphrodite Jones; and Omer Bhatti, the Michael Jackson imitator who is NOT Michael’s son but has tried his best to cash in on that rumor. Bhatti’s parents worked for Michael after offering up their 12-year-old son to him at a Tunisian hotel in 1996.

The International King of Pop Fanvention seems too good to be true. It’s being produced by a company called Fluid Prods., which is owned by St. Croix-born L.A. musician Padriac Coursey. It’s unclear whether he’s related to Gary B. “Court”  Coursey, a controversial entrepreneur who once tried with his partner to get Michael to invest in an online ticket selling business.


Somewhere, Joe Jackson lurks, petting a feline with bejeweled fingers.

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