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Michael Wolff Wants More Jazz Hands From President Obama

Michael Wolff wishes Barack Obama did a little more acting up so he would have something worthwhile to write about

He’s boring. Devoid of electricity. Square. Stiff. Goody-good. Without charisma.

As much as the lagging economy and the health care bill, the Obama flat, blunted, dead-on-arrival affect is what’s hurtling the Democrats to oblivion in November. Obama’s done a bait and switch. Elected to be the most transformative, bewitching, moving, and eloquent president in modern history, he is instead tight, remote, abstracted, and often, it seems, absent.

Obviously, the theoretical excitement of the transformative possibilities and the historic turn-around of electing a black man president, overwhelmed the facts at hand. Obama was positioned as John F. Kennedy when really he was Adlai Stevenson. Even when his real nature was hinted at, the description tended toward cool and cerebral, when it should have tilted toward detached and academic.


And for his final salvo, Wolff reveals himself

It could be they're hiding the real stuff—afraid to be too expressive. Too black perhaps. But the result is that these people seem less sexy than the Bushes.

Such dogged goodness, conformity, and self-congratulation doesn’t play. It’s not just that people don’t know who you are, it’s that they stop caring.

Compared to the Obamas, the crazy Republicans seem absolutely captivating.


SOURCE: Newser

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