RNC Chairman Michael Steele

The wagons are officially circling around Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele. On the heels of reports that the members of the RNC are plotting to have him removed, former Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis announced this morning that he will run to be chairman of the RNC. Anuzis, who also ran for the position in 2009, is clearly hoping to emerge as the choice of the anti-Steele forces within the 168-member Republican National Committee. The Washington Post is reporting that in addition to Anuzis, there are at least four other people making calls to RNC members to test the waters for a bid, according to an informed source on the committee. They include Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus, who managed Steele's 2009 RNC campaign; veteran GOP strategist Maria Cino; Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy; and former Ambassador Ann Wagner. Interesting group, and we're sure the list of possible contenders will be growing. We wonder if the xenophobes in the RNC will be ready for a chair with the last name "Anuzis"? Regardless, it's official — Mr. Steele is persona non grata. We guess all of that hard work and campaigning during the midterm elections went unnoticed. 

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