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The grandfather of slain Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown called the lack of an arrest in his grandson’s killing “1,000 percent wrong” in an interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC.

“It’s 1,000 percent wrong. If you take the scenario and turn it around, if I was to go out there and brutally murder somebody and shoot them six times, just think, would I be incarcerated? The answer is yes,” Lesley McSpadden said Monday night on PoliticsNation With Al Sharpton.


McSpadden, donned in a black T-shirt bearing his grandson’s face, told Sharpton that the autopsy coming out provided some peace of mind in showing how many times Brown had been shot.

“I wish I could have been there to take some of them,” he added, before sending out a message to those investigating the case. “Any one of the investigators … one thing you need to remember … you may be a grandfather, and if you do the right thing, then justice will [come] for my grandson.”


When asked about President Barack Obama’s response on Monday to the continued violence breaking out during protests in Ferguson, McSpadden noted that Obama’s involvement was very important, but also suggested that the president should make the effort to meet him.

“My president is the president of the whole free world. America is built on people coming together at times like this, and now’s the time for my president to step forward,” he said. “I want to say this to my president: ‘I voted for you, so [you] ought to be able to [meet] with me.’”


Watch the interview on MSNBC.

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