But if you think television and film are the only things Jordan has his sights set on with this new and improved Amazon partnership, think again. Speaking exclusively with Deadline, the Black Panther star touched on his desire to expand beyond the big and small screen saying:

“My ambition and appetite has grown over the years. It has consistently gotten more diverse as it has expanded to wonder what is possible. You see a business and a brand like Amazon and my ambition is to grow an ecosystem, where one hand washes the other and we help each other out. They had the resources and the like mindedness and ambition and a need for someone like myself. This is something I see living across content creation, philanthropy, and including Audible, which is based in my hometown of Newark, New Jersey. You see the potential for things to cross pollinate.”

He added, “The sky’s the limit. You’ve got to look toward the future. To have a home where they will bet on me, where they believe in me as much as I believe in myself, and give me the room to grow…this feels like an awesome fit.”


Part of that future will involve a handful of creative projects, the first being Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, which is expected to drop on Prime Video on April 30. In addition to that, Jordan and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation will team up for a limited series on the life of legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali, titled The Greatest.

“People know Muhammad Ali from his boxing days, but this is an opportunity to go beyond the ring, and more into the man,” Jordan explained. “It’s going to give more of a 360-degree view of who he was. And no, I’m not playing that guy, I can say that for sure, and we are still in early stages here and can’t say too much. We are still putting the pieces together, but it feels like something to look forward to in the future. To be able to honor Muhammad Ali and elaborate on his legacy is something I’m really excited about, and I know Jen [Salke, Head of Amazon Studios] and Amazon are, as well.”