Jasmine Cofield 

Jasmine Cofield is one ambitious, studious young lady: She has snagged three college degrees before getting her high school diploma, making her the 2015 recipient of a civic award, the Black Home School reports.

Cofield, who is now a senior at Central Michigan University, started out at Mott Middle College. The school has a program that integrates high school and college courses, so it is actually the norm for most students from the school to graduate with their high school diploma and 15 college credits, the site notes.


However, Cofield’s ambitions took her farther. By the time she got her diploma, she had completed three associate degrees from Mott Community College, maintaining a whopping 4.0 GPA for her college courses and finishing up high school with a 3.97 GPA.

Her smarts got her enough scholarship money for her to go for her bachelor’s degree at Central Michigan University, where she is studying to be a physician’s assistant in neuroscience, the Black Home School notes.

The award she’s getting, being named the 2015 Newman Civic Fellow, is usually given to college students who work with communities, showing compassion to less fortunate individuals. The fellow should demonstrate the ability to find real-world solutions to issues affecting communities around them and help the community using those solutions.

And, as focused as she is with her school life, Cofield has still found time for community service, too. As Black Home School notes, the teen has traveled across the United States with the Alternative Break program, where she has helped rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina down South and helped transfer facilities treating HIV/AIDS patients to more modern locations. This year the 19-year-old will be traveling to Honduras with Global Bridges, volunteering at clinics that provide necessary services to struggling communities.


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