Mich. Man Charged With Pointing Gun at Children He Accused of Damaging Trump Lawn Sign

Michael Robert Kubek
Allen Park (Mich.) Police Department

A Michigan man is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly pointing a gun at six children whom he accused of destroying his Donald Trump lawn sign, the Michigan News-Herald reports.

Michael Robert Kubek of Allen Park was arraigned Tuesday and charged with six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of felony firearm in the incident.


According to the report, on the evening of Oct. 29, Kubek, 56, called police and told them that a group of teens had hit his Trump-for-president lawn sign before taking off running.

Upon arriving on the scene, a police officer was not able to find Kubek at his home on Sterling Avenue, but he heard what he described as a lot of yelling at the corner of Sterling and Pennsylvania. Officers said they found six children, ages 12 to 14, sitting on the grass with Kubek yelling and cursing at them.

Kubek told the officer that he was angry because he thought the children had destroyed his Trump sign, police said. The officer asked Kubek if he had witnessed any of the children destroying the sign, to which Kubek said he had not; nor did he have security cameras that could have offered proof as to who was behind the damage.

The officer then told Kubek to go back to his home so that he could talk to the children, according to the report. The officer found out that one of the children had been celebrating a birthday. The kids told the officer they were heading to a nearby park to "hang out," but when they got to the corner of Pennsylvania and Sterling, Kubek ran up to them and started cursing and calling them vulgar names, the News-Herald reports.


The kids told police that Kubek accused them of damaging his sign before pulling out a pistol and pointing it at them. Kubek then allegedly told the children to sit down on the grass.

The kids said they tried to explain to Kubek that they did not trouble his sign, but they said that Kubek only yelled at them to shut up and continued cursing them. The children said Kubek held them at gunpoint while his mother, who reportedly lives on the same block, called the police.


According to the News-Herald, the officer spoke to each child individually, and they all said that Kubek pointed a gun at them. All of the children also gave written statements about what happened.

According to the report, Kubek told the officer that he was angry because just a week earlier, his house had been egged and his political signs damaged.


On the night of the altercation, Kubek said that he heard a group of kids outside his house, and when he looked out, his sign was on the ground and the kids were running away. The officer again asked him if he could identify any of the children as the ones who damaged his sign, but Kubek again said that he could not.

When the officer asked Kubek if he had pointed a gun at the kids, Kubek said "Yes," authorities said. When asked another question, Kubek said that he had felt threatened by the children because he was outnumbered.


The officer asked Kubek what he planned to do with his pistol, and Kubek said that he "wanted to scare the kids," according to the report, adding that the gun was unloaded, and then when he pulled it from his waist, the weapon was still in the holster.

When Kubek offered to show the officer the weapon, the gun was found in the dining room, unloaded and holstered. The officer took possession of the gun and told Kubek he was under arrest for felonious assault, according to the News-Herald.


Police confirmed that the weapon was registered to Kubek and that his concealed-pistol license was confiscated.

Kubek posted bond and was later released.

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