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Mich. Dad Inadvertently Eats Daughter’s Pot-Laced Brownies and Is Rushed to the ER

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It all started as an innocuous grab for some delicious-looking brownies that a Michigan dad saw laid out in his home Wednesday morning.


He popped some into his mouth but soon started to suffer from hallucinations, the New York Daily News reports. The father, according to the Detroit Free Press, called 911, explaining that he had "no idea" what was going on with his body. He was rushed to the emergency room.

Police officers did some investigating and were soon told by the man's daughter that the brownies had, in fact, been baked with marijuana.


"The father thought he was having a stroke," Mike McCabe, the undersheriff in Oakland County, told ClickOnDetroit.

The daughter said that she had left the pot-laced brownies out but didn't know that anyone would eat them, the Smoking Gun reports.

Even though her dad's pot attack was unintentional, local authorities said that the daughter would not be getting off the hook easily, since marijuana possession is illegal in Michigan.

"She's not going to get it light," McCabe said.

The brownies did test positive for marijuana, and the daughter now faces drug charges, according to the Daily News.


The father, meanwhile, was released from the hospital and has made a full recovery.

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