MHP: Washington Needs a Safety Net to Fight Poverty

MSNBC screenshot
MSNBC screenshot

On her MSNBC show on Saturday, Melissa Harris-Perry slammed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, for refusing to allow a former guest to testify about anti-poverty programs. She penned a letter to the congressman explaining that Washington need a safety net to fight poverty.

Dear Congressman Ryan,

It's me, Melissa.

Look, it's great that you had a hearing on poverty. That you asked whether we've made any progress in the "war on poverty" in the past 50 years. I'm glad you had four experts on poverty programs, including our favorite nun-on-the-bus, Sister Simone Campbell.

But you know what would have been a hell of a lot better? If you heard from someone who's actually living in poverty! Someone who's working, and still struggling to feed and clothe her children, and to afford health care.


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