Merry Christmas From The Root


Dear Readers,

As 2013 comes to an end, The Root would like to thank all of you for your continued support. We are committed to providing honest, thought-provoking journalism as well as strong opinion and analysis, and we would like to think of the work we do as the beginning of a broader conversation about race, not the end.


In that spirit, we are excited by every comment (even the harsh ones), every like on Facebook, every tweet or retweet, because we know that you are engaged and concerned, and therefore it makes the work we do more meaningful.

It says to us that the story, video or photo essay made you react and, good or bad, you felt deeply enough to engage. So we are grateful for you, dear readers, since we consider The Root platform to be a community conversation.

This past year has seen a series of triumphs and tragedies for black people, from the second inauguration of our president to the senseless shootings of our young people. The Root covered it all. We realize that our community has a unique mix of interests and concerns, and we therefore also devoted resources to chronicling every breathtaking moment of Scandal as well as questioning the lack of outrage over R. Kelly’s latest release. 

This holiday greeting serves as a pact between The Root and our readers to continue fostering a better community outlet for issues that involve us all.

So on this day, we hope that you are surrounded by loved ones enjoying all that the holiday season brings while drinking egg nog and perhaps listening to The Best of the Temptations Christmas. Know that tomorrow, come sunrise, The Root will be back to bringing you the news of our community.

Happy holidays, and here’s to a bright New Year!

From all of us at The Root