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Washington Post/Bloomberg News columnist Michelle Singletary reviews a survey of men and women that, among other things, explored their attitudes about money.


Here are some of the findings of the surveys, as reported by AOL:

— Seventy-seven percent of men think women put too much value on a man's financial worth, and 82 percent of women surveyed agreed.


— Eight-five percent of men said that they would be okay with having a partner who makes more money than they do, and 73 percent of women say that they would be okay with having a partner who makes less than them.

— Forty-five percent of men have a plan for retirement and either are currently saving or will start saving for retirement soon. But only 21 percent of women have any plan.

Finally, here's an interesting finding.The surveys reveal that men and women are far apart when it comes to what they consider the ultimate status symbol. Forty-three percent of women think that it is a beautiful home while 26 percent of men said it's having a successful partner. At 39 percent men ranked family as their number one choice.

Read Michelle Singletary's complete column at the Washington Post/Bloomberg News.

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