In patriarchal society, it is an accepted paradigm for men to date and bed as many women as possible. However, Loop21's Jozen Cummings disagrees. The relationship blogger argues that being a "ho" is not anything of which to be proud; rather, it's a moniker to avoid in the quest for maturity.

You may think you don't want to do anything about being a male ho right now. When you were a kid, and still longing for the days when you could finally say you were no longer a virgin, being a ho was a fantasy of sorts. To you, it meant you weren't only active, you were in demand, and what guy doesn't want to be in demand when it comes to a woman's sexual needs?

Then your fantasy became a reality, but you were so blind, so insatiable, you didn't even realize you were being a ho and, what's even more sad is that you didn't realize how bad it made you look.

Read Jozen Cummings' entire op-ed at Loop21.

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Jozen Cummings is the author and creator of the popular relationship blog Until I Get Married, which is currently in development for a television series with Warner Bros. He also hosts a weekly podcast with WNYC about Empire called Empire Afterparty, is a contributor at VerySmartBrothas.com and works at Twitter as an editorial curator. Follow him on Twitter.