Megan Thee Stallion Released the Tracklist for Her Debut Album Good News and Yes, Shots Are Fired

Megan Thee Stallion performs onstage during the EA Sports Bowl on January 30, 2020.
Megan Thee Stallion performs onstage during the EA Sports Bowl on January 30, 2020.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for EA Sports Bowl at Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest (Getty Images)

Megan Thee Stallion is reclaiming her narrative through her debut album, Good News and she is not holding back.


On Tuesday, the rapper dropped a tweet with the tracklist of her upcoming album and it apparently opens with one particular track that has everyone talking.

Y’all see it, right out the gate: “Shots Fired.” Though we haven’t heard the track yet, it’s pretty safe to say that this song likely alludes to the time she got shot in her feet after a party (for which the alleged asshat assailant is now facing charges).

Art is typically the best and most effective way for artists to express themselves, but if you’ve been paying attention, Megan didn’t wait to reclaim her narrative and has used every single avenue to do so in the months since. Still, if the Lilliputian lyricist can attempt to profit off of the incident, then certainly Megan can do so when it’s truly her damn story to tell (and I predict she’s going to do much better in sales).


In addition to that well-placed “Shots Fired” intro, I’m looking forward to these features, especially “Cry Baby” with Da Baby, “Do It On The Tip” with City Girls (if we can get a music video for this one, it’ll probably blow the fuck up just like the time Cardi B paired with them) and “Freaky Girls” with SZA. Plus, there’s always room to put “Savage Remix” featuring Beyoncé on repeat.

This week should be branded as “Megan Thee Queen of Thee Week” because Meg will also be dropping an inclusive clothing line with Fashion Nova on Wednesday.


“I just realized how big of a lack of representation there is for curvier girls, or taller girls, or girls with bigger feet,” Megan told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “Everybody is not just a cookie-cutter size, so I just want to make sure that starting with this collab we have better representation with just women in general. Even with short girls, the jeans are made for skinny short girls. It’s not just about the model body. It’s about the real body, so this collection definitely caters to women with curves. I say petite, too, but just the girls with the little representation that’s what my collection really caters to.”

Good News drops on Nov. 20 and you can preorder a copy now.

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Wait, she’s been famous for several years and this is her *debut* album? She’s done nothing but singles and EPs and social media-based collaborations or whatever this entire time?

I’m a washed old who understands nothing. I’ll be in my garage smoking weed and listening to what my wife calls my “cranky old man rap” if anyone needs me.