Megan Thee Stallion Mulls Lucrative UFC Career After Delivering Another Knockout In Court Against Her Record Label

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When will y’all learn that Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t take L’s?

Billboard reports that after crushing the charts and breaking the Internet with her #SavageChallenge, the reigning queen of Hot Girl Summer scored another decisive victory against her record label on Monday.


From Billboard:

A Texas judge denied a request by 1501 Entertainment and its CEO Carl Crawford to compel the “Savage” rapper’s case to arbitration. Crawford filed paperwork on March 11 asking the court to compel the artist—real name Megan Pete—to have her case decided by a single arbitrator. Crawford’s motion said that Pete’s contract with him specified that any disputes were to be handled in arbitration.

Yet, presiding Texas Harris County Judge Robert Schaeffer sided with Pete and Crawford’s denied motion to compel arbitration. In addition, Schaeffer also denied Crawford’s request to stay that case.

For those out the loop, the Houston native has spent the past few months embroiled in a legal battle with 1501 Entertainment and it’s CEO, former MLB star Carl Crawford, over a bitter contract dispute. In March, the “Big Ole Freak” rapper accused her label of refusing to allow her to renegotiate her contract, in addition to attempting to block the release of her latest project, Suga.

Crawford, apparently completely unaware that Megan is incapable of ever losing in life, retaliated by calling her a “liar” and a “fraud” while insisting that she was crafting “a smoke-screen narrative of intimidation and fear with baseless and irrelevant social media posts” and that she has “continuously and flagrantly disregarded every contractual obligation she owes to 1501 per the terms of the Artist Agreement.”


He’s also spent his time since deviating between snarling into the mirror and getting his ass beat in court.

“We are obviously very happy with the court’s decision and look forward to litigating this case,” Megan’s attorney, Richard Busch, told Billboard.


1501 Entertainment has yet to comment publicly on the matter, but it’s safe to assume that they probably won’t be participating in the #CaptainHookChallenge.

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Busch is no joke. Meg went for thee best lawyer in the music biz right now. He won the “Blurred Lines” case. Crawford might want to pick up his glove and put up some netting for all them Ls that are about to come his way.