You’ve seen the commercials. Actor Idris Elba—the infidelity exception of women all over the world—is the sexy and unflappable super spy, navigating a world of danger, false faces and intrigue in a sleek, powerful driving machine befitting a man with a license to kill. Hunted by enemy operatives, Elba repeatedly eludes his predators because while their intelligence sources say he’s driving an Avalon, what he’s driving no longer fits the description. The tagline of the campaign: “Only the name remains.”

Well, if Elba is James Bond, allow me to introduce you to Q: 2013 Toyota Avalon Principle Engineer Rob McConnell. A principal engineer for Body Engineering at Toyota Technical Center in Saline, Michigan (a division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.), McConnell is a team leader for the Avalon Body and Exterior Group, responsible for transforming an upscale mid-size sedan known for quality and reliability, into a seductive, powerful vehicle worthy of high-speed chases and exciting games of intrigue.


Photo Credit: The Urban Daily

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