Meet the White Nationalist Running for Congress in Pennsylvania

Steve M. Donahue (Steve M. Donahue for Congress via Facebook)
Steve M. Donahue (Steve M. Donahue for Congress via Facebook)

Apparently unaware of Steve King, Stephen Scalise, Steve Bannon and other Republican Party Steves who are racist as shit, a candidate for the House of Representatives has threatened to bow out of an upcoming Republican forum if a white supremacist running for the same congressional seat is allowed to attend.


Andrew Lewis, a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District seat, has called on his fellow Republicans to boycott an event sponsored by the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women to further the Republican Party’s and President Donald Trump’s racist agenda of racism, racial supremacy, more racism and other race-related issues, according to Townhall.

And who is the man, a man named Sean M. Donahue, causing all of this ruckus?

A racist.

Donahue is a white supremacist of the highest order. Although we were unable to find the most recent AP racist rankings or the current white supremacist Coaches Poll, you should trust us on this one. Donahue might not make it to the Final Four, but he will definitely be a top seed in the white supremacist 64-team tournament.

In July 2017, Donahue, who is a member of the extremist, white nationalist America Freedom Party, was convicted of making terroristic threats against a Luzerne County, Pa., district attorney. In April 2016, Donahue was convicted of harassment after sending hundreds of emails to county employees. Did I mention he was kinda racist?

Running on a motto of “Gods, Guns, Liberty and Nationalism,” 48-year-old Donahue, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Hazelton, Pa., in 2015, believes, among other things, that:

  • The U.S. was created for Americans who chose to worship God through Christianity.
  • Freedom of religion is for all forms of Christianity but no other religion, certainly not Islam, voodoo or Satanic worship.
  • Black Lives Matter and Antifa (pdf) are organizations that are looking to create an armed insurgency.
  • If we do not control immigration from South and Central America, whites will become a racial minority.
  • When whites become a “racial minority,” they won’t be treated well, because minorities are never treated well (I kinda agree with Sean on this one).
  • If there is a Congressional Black Caucus, there is a need for a Congressional White Caucus.
  • Universities are opening “safe spaces” where no whites are allowed.
  • The U.S. needs to modify the civil rights laws to take away “the American dream from Muslims, non-Christians and foreigners.
  • And, of course, he says a lot about the Jews. It’s always the Jews.

Donahue announced that he would participate in the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women’s forum live on Facebook. Lewis, a fellow candidate and military veteran, posted his own Facebook Live video declaring his intentions to boycott the DCCRW event if Donahue was invited.

In response, the women’s group canceled the event, prompting Donahue to write a nine-page racist manifesto explaining why he is not a racist.

Even though the event will not go on, Donahue will not be deterred from achieving his political gains. Even though he may be crazy (look at his picture. I’m not saying all racists look alike, but he still has a rotary phone, y’all), I, for one, hope he wins. It seem’s like he’ll be a lot of fun and—when you think about it ...


What’s one more racist?

Read more at Townhall.

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Uh-huh...I keep telling people about these towns outside of Philly. Having grown up there, I KNOW what kind of separatists/Nationalists/Supremacists dwell in that state. And if you don’t encounter them, you’ll run into the all-kinds-of-other-batsh!t-craziness Amish. I hope the white woman who tried (but failed) to prove me wrong about these things is reading this.