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Freddie Gray's spinal cord was "kinked" by the injury he suffered while riding in the back of a police van in April, Dr. Carol Allan testified Friday in Baltimore during the manslaughter trial of Baltimore Police Officer William Porter, according to the Associated Press.

Prosecutors argue that Porter could have prevented Gray's "death by buckling him into a seat in the van, as required by department policy, or calling an ambulance at some point during Gray's 45-minute trip," the report says.


Allan, an assistant state medical examiner who examined Gray's body, said that the initial injury to Gray's spine would have been made worse by movement.

"Any kind of movement after the primary injury occurred was going to cause more injury," she said, according to the news outlet.


She said that Gray's spinal cord was swollen, with contusions and bruising, and that his spinal cord had suffered a severe compression, according to AP.  Allan further testified that Gray's spinal cord was "pinched" to such an extent that "functionally it was cut through, but anatomically not," the report says. 

She also testified that Gray sustained head injuries, including cuts and bruises.


Earlier, a detective who investigated Gray's arrest and injury testified that Porter called for medical attention as soon as he saw Gray's injuries. He faces manslaughter and other charges in Gray's death.

Gray's death sparked protests over police violence in communities of color. 

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