Oluremi Oyindasola
Prince George’s County, Md., Police Department

Eight-month-old Enita Salubi died after her nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola, 66, allegedly force-fed the baby until she became unresponsive and  died, the Washington Post reports. Oyindasola, of Glenarden, Md., was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree murder, first-degree child abuse resulting in death and other charges, the Prince George's County, Md., Police Department announced Wednesday.

Oyindasola was caught napping on the couch on a home surveillance system when she was awakened by the crying baby, who came over to her in a toddler walker. The live-in nanny proceeded to try to feed the baby in the walker, but when that didn't work, she picked her up and poured large amounts of liquid into the child's mouth.


According to the Post, the baby appeared to aggressively resist the white liquid by squirming around, but the nanny continued to force it in her mouth. She then forced the child to drink a second bottle when she was done with the first.

Enita was pronounced dead at the hospital after becoming unresponsive from the second bottle.

"Babies are defenseless, and what happened to this child is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking," said a spokeswoman for Prince George’s County Police, Christina Cotterman.

Oyindasola is currently in the custody of the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections.


Read more at the Washington Post.

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