McKinney Resident: Cop ‘Deserves a Medal’ for Pulling Gun on Black Kids at Pool Party

CNN’s Nick Valencia talks to the unidentified McKinney, Texas, resident.
CNN screenshot

The media sphere is still reeling from the video footage that surfaced of a McKinney, Texas, police officer pulling his service weapon on teens and manhandling them at a pool party in their neighborhood. But at least one McKinney resident is standing by the police, insisting that the actions taken were appropriate.

“I want everyone to know that that police officer, along with everyone else, they were completely in the right and protecting everyone,” the woman told CNN’s Nick Valencia. “He was not out of line. I completely support him drawing his weapon or a Taser or whatever it was that he did pull, because he was being attacked from behind.”


The woman added that the officer, identified as Cpl. Eric Casebolt, who has since been put on administrative leave, deserved “a medal for what he did.”

“I believe that if your life is threatened, you have every right to pull a gun. He probably didn’t intend on using it. I feel horrible for McKinney [Police Department] and the backlash they’re getting for this,” she said

“I don’t believe he was out of line one bit,” the woman said, continuing her defense of the officer. “Those kids were taunting them and cursing them out, have no respect for authority, and as soon as their parents got here, they didn’t even care one bit about how they were treating the officers and why they got into that situation.”

Watch the video below:

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