While the world is focused on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's failure to be prepared for snowstorms in a city known for snowstorms, Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker is quietly going about the business of clearing his city's streets. He is using Twitter to respond directly to requests sent by residents, sending snow-removal trucks to help stranded residents. "Please DM me your phone number," Booker told one tweeter, who claimed to be stuck in his car at an intersection. "I will dig you out. Where are you?" he promised a woman who needed to make it to a medical procedure. The mayor showed up, digging out the car and hurting his back in the process. In response to a tweet about his condition, Booker tweeted, "Thanks 4 asking, back killing me," Booker cheerily responded. "Breakfast: Advil and diet coke." Now, that's a mayor putting in work and truly helping his residents. No need for press conferences — just hard work.

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