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Maybe Men Can Be Forgiven for Cheating

Camille and Bill Cosby (Getty Images)
Camille and Bill Cosby (Getty Images)

Clutch magazine's Kirsten West Savali questions the conventional wisdom that women need a reason to be unfaithful, while men only need an opportunity.

In this patriarchal society, the mistakes that young men make primarily center around them stumbling towards manhood — what it is and how to get there. They are taught that women are trophies to be won. Often times they aren't taught anything, instead figuring it out by watching BET and this mutated, commercialized Hip-Hop that will have some women thinking that being a stripper with an ass full of silicon is something that we all should strive towards in the quest for superficial male approval.

And those are our mistakes. As women, sometimes we change ourselves, deny our truths, dumb down and turn up in a bid to be that trophy. That's what society does to many of us as we try to define womanhood, and does that make us unworthy and incapable of being smarter, better people as we grow and evolve?

All this to say, that people make mistakes, especially in relationships — romantic and otherwise — with other people. Simple as that. And some men make their mistakes while un-learning how to treat women.

In some cases, that doesn't make them evil. It just makes them human …

Read Kirsten West Savali's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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