Maxine Waters Says She’s Putting Her ‘Career on the Line’ to Resist Donald Trump

Paul Sancya/Associated Press
Paul Sancya/Associated Press

Baby, your Auntie Maxine is fed the eff up, and she’s not going to take it anymore. The Democratic representative from California says she is putting her “career on the line” to speak out against Donald Trump, and that’s more than what a lot of our passive-ass senators and representatives are willing to do.


At a Wednesday-night gala hosted by EMILY’s List, the political action committee that works to elect progressive Democratic women, Waters lashed out at Trump, calling him a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man” and saying “I want him impeached,” The Hill reports.

“We must take our anger, our pain, our collective strength to right this wrong, to resist this tyranny and to save our democracy from a man whose immoral character and distorted thinking are an imminent threat to our nation,” Waters said, calling Trump’s Cabinet “ill-prepared, right-wing billionaires.”

“I am not a fan of the word ‘impeach,’ but I want him impeached. That’s what he deserves,” Waters said.

Waters has been a frequent and open critic of the president since his election. She said she has received a boost in support from millennials because of her resistance to Trump, including a surge in her social media following; she has gone from 46,000 followers on Twitter to more than 300,000.

Although she has a lot of support in the California district she represents, Waters said, “there are many who do not like what I’m doing.”


“But I’ve decided that no matter those who do dislike what I’m doing, no matter those who disagree with me, I feel absolutely certain that this country deserves better than Donald Trump,” she said.

Come through, Auntie Maxine. We need you, because the rest of your colleagues are acting real scared.


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