Matt Barnes Wants All the Smoke as the Saga of Kwame Brown Continues

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There’s nothing more I love than some mess. If the Hood Olympics were real, my sport would definitely be instigating. So you can imagine that I, along with the rest of The Root, have been enjoying the ongoing saga between former NBA players Kwame Brown, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. The saga escalated on Wednesday when Barnes posted a video to Instagram where he more or less told Brown to square.


Now, if you haven’t been following the excellent reporting on this saga by The Root and Very Smart Brothas, allow me to give you the cliff notes. Barnes and Jackson are the hosts of the All the Smoke podcast and they recently had former NBA player Gilbert Arenas on their show. At one point the conversation turned to Brown, who Arenas had played with during his time with the Wizards.

Brown wasn’t having it and took to YouTube to straight clown all three of them before telling them to keep his name out their mouths. Now, in the last two days all three men have mostly walked back their comments and tried to pull the “it was just jokes” card, because allegedly Brown has Thanos-tier hands.

Apparently the spirit of Stinkmeaner was running through Barnes when he woke up today, as he went on IG and decided to turn this shit into a nigga moment. Well, even more of a nigga moment.

When Barnes said “I heard your Instagram following has grown by 30,000 since you had my dick- I mean my name in your mouth,” at the start of the video a hushed silence fell over light skins everywhere as they watched Barnes ascend into peak-niggadom.

“You’re hurt. You can play it off with humor but you’re hurt, and I get it. Come on the show, talk that shit, tell your story face-to-face,” Barnes said.


Listen. If another grown man was talking shit and then told me that I was hurt by said shit talking, I think I’d be contractually obligated to fight him as per Section 2, Article 12 of the Real Nigga Accords.

That hushed silence among the light skins then turned into tearful applause when Barnes simultaneously offered to beat Brown’s ass and have him on his podcast.


“If me and you gotta box before, during, or after, then shake hands to get this done, you know I’m always with the shit,” Barnes said. “You attacking Stephen A. Smith, he’s nearly 60 years old, he don’t wanna fight you. But I ain’t got no issues.”

I’m pretty sure this was when Senior Editor for The Root Stephen Crockett shed a single Glory tear.


Brown wasted no time in going on Instagram and refusing Barnes’ offer to both fight and appear on his podcast. I died when Brown asked “How the fuck you know I’m hurt bitch? Did anybody make you a clinical psychiatrist?”


As of now it looks as though this will continue to a war of Instagram videos, but one can only hope Brown decides to accept and talk face to face, or at the very least get a bag being the undercard on a YouTuber boxing match.

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“How the fuck you know I’m hurt bitch? Did anybody make you a clinical psychiatrist?”

Because you posted a 20+ minute video wandering around your place... because you went after Jemele Hill because of a tweet that she explained lol....because your recent behavior shows that you’re hurt.