Massachusetts Man Faces Hate Crime Charges for Yelling Racial Slurs and Trying to Run Over a Group of Black Kids

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White people are losing their fucking minds. Should you need further evidence of that fact, well, a grown-ass man felt the need to yell racial slurs at a group of Black kids and attempt to run them over with his truck.


The Associated Press reports that 36-year-old Shane Belleville of Holbrook, Mass. was arrested last week and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, civil rights violations, and assault with intent to intimidate based on race. Police were called to respond to an incident at the playground of Holbrook Middle Senior High School where there was an argument between a 7-year-old and an 8-year-old.

One of the kids was white and the other was Black. As more children between the ages 9 and 15 showed up, the incident became more heated, with things getting physical and racial slurs being used. Belleville is related to one of the children involved in the incident and showed up after the kid called for him.

So basically there was a schoolyard fight, and instead of acting like a fucking adult, Belleville decided that he was going get involved in the conflict. Police say a group of Black children were walking away from the school when Belleville drove his truck onto the path they were walking down and confronted them.

According to police, Belleville and the children got into a shouting match that resulted in a teenage girl spitting on him and Belleville slapping her in retaliation. He then got into his car and repeatedly yelled racial slurs while attempting to back his truck into the kids.

Imagine being so racist that you felt like confronting a group of children was the move? Imagine being damn near 40 and lacking a basic level of good decision-making? Thank god these kids weren’t seriously hurt, because considering how trash this man clearly is, it’s quite likely this could’ve ended far worse.

Holbrook Police Chief William Smith issued a statement regarding the incident, saying he was “extremely dismayed.”


“This type of behavior has no place in our community and I am calling for our community members in Holbrook to come together to recognize the gravity of what took place in our town. We need to have real conversations with our children and with each other to avoid this type of situation from ever happening here again,” Smith’s statement read.

Belleville was arraigned at the Quincy District Court and was released after posting $750 bail. America, the land where attempting to run over Black children will only run you about 700 bucks if you’re white.

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Looks like Fake Dr. is taking up the mantle of advocating for assaulting children now that the previous advocate wokechoke got tossed out on his ass. Guess it’s important for the Troll-American community to keep themselves consistent in their depravedly low standards.