Massachusetts Elementary School Teacher Fired After Being Exposed as White Supremacist Writer Who Hid Behind Pseudonyms

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This week, a Massachusetts elementary school teacher was fired after he was exposed as an unabashed white supremacist writer who routinely published his work on white nationalist websites under multiple pseudonyms.


He’s a self-described “race realist,” which, as far as I can tell, only means that he’s a Critical Race Theory-bashing, leftist-hating, garden-variety conservative who thinks white people are the truly oppressed racial group in a country dominated by whiteness—which makes him no different than your average GOPropagandist legislator in office right now.

Anyway, 33-year-old Benjamin Welton was fired from Star Academy in Watertown, Ma.—where he taught English, social studies and computer science—after he was investigated by a group of researchers called the Anonymous Comrades Collective and then exposed to his employer by HuffPost.

The researchers found out that his whiny people greatest hits collection includes work he did as a freelance writer for the American Renaissance. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s a white supremacist website that serves as a virtual gathering spot for mediocre white people to rant about how Black people are inferior to them while crying the saltiest of white tears over the normalization of anti-white rhetoric without smelling even a whiff of their own hypocrisy.

On this site, Welton wrote an essay titled, “From Wide-Eyed Liberal to Race Realist” under the name Sinclair Jenkins.

From HuffPost:

Jenkins wrote that his radicalization began in the Navy, where it angered him to see “blacks” be mean to his fellow white sailors. Later, in graduate school, he grew disgusted over the “ingrained culture of anti-white hatred” in academia. “Also, once I began paying attention to the news, I started seeing why so many people in my hometown took a dim view of blacks,” wrote Jenkins, who noted that he grew up somewhere in Appalachia. “After Ferguson and Baltimore, I understood that pumping money into the ghetto would never fix things.” Later, he said, he discovered writers like John Derbyshire and Ann Coulter, who shared his distaste for immigrants, and websites like American Renaissance and VDare, which shared his firmly held belief in the “biological foundations to race,” and helped shape his white nationalist worldview.

Near the end of the article, Jenkins noted that he was a teacher, an audacious admission to make in a white supremacist publication.


If you need any more proof that Welton—who I can’t help but laugh at because, despite his extreme whiteness, he chose a Black-ass name like “Sinclair Jenkins” to hide behind—is ideologically indistinguishable from the most prominent members of the current Republican Party. He also tweeted under a different pseudonym last August that making America great again “requires defunding critical race theory.”

According to the investigators, Welton also worked his neo-Nazi pen under aliases like “Jake Bowyer” and the second Blackest name a white supremacist could think of, “Elias Kingston.”


But in 2018, he wrote a piece under his real name called “Against Education” for a right-wing blog called the American Sun.

“Your typical man on the street in America 2018 A.D. will come up with a small catalog of answers about what to do with our education system,” Welton wrote, HuffPost reports. “The race realist will speak of declining worldwide IQs and America’s increasing mongrelization driven by unassimilated races with below-average intelligence capacities.”


He also wrote a bunch of white nonsense on how education is wasted on non-whites while bitching about how he feels “American college campuses today are essentially playgrounds for far-Left agitators, anti-White elitists, and subsidized international students.

“Just as abroad, if there is a ‘rape culture’ on campus, it is largely being created because of the importation of Third Worlders,” he wrote.


After the Anonymous Comrades Collective shared its findings with HuffPost, which then contacted Star Academy for comment, Welton was fired. He deleted all of his online activity, including a social media post from March 31, when he reportedly wrote: “No mercy for our enemies. Do not weep, for they are not human. Treat those who want to abolish ‘whiteness’ with the same venom if not more. They deserve medieval punishments.” He wrote this seven months into his job as an elementary school teacher.

More From HuffPost:

Earlier this week, before they fired Welton, Star Academy administrators said in an emailed statement that they had not been aware of the “concerning online publications allegedly made by a teacher at the school.”

Star Academy, the statement continued, is “committed to a diverse and inclusive community and embraces our responsibility as an educational institution to foster a safe and healthy environment for our students. We do not support, condone, or agree with white supremacism or white separatist ideologies.”

After HuffPost’s inquiries, Star Academy deleted the Faculty page from its website, which had included a photo of Welton and a brief description of his job.


So basically, all of these right-wingers who are suddenly hellbent on ridding the world of Critical Race Theory are worried about the wrong thing. It is teachers like Welton who should be banned from the classroom.

But Welton pretty much embodies neo-conservatism, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for Republican lawmakers to have the same energy for teachers like him that they do for anyone who wishes to teach about America through a lens of Blackness.

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“Subsidized” international students? What?!?!?

This douche knows int’l students almost exclusively pay *cash* *upfront*, right? They can’t rely on student loans, Pell grants, or most domestic scholarships, so they pay entirely out of pocket, which is why schools like having them; student loans and grants often pay-out long after the semester they were earmarked for, and it causes cash flow problems if that school doesn’t have a large endowment.

The ones who do get “subsidized” either went through some deeply traumatic sh*t like escaping ISIS or fleeing ethnic cleansing, are veterans in the USAF, or had test scores so high they made Young Sheldon look mediocre.

Long story short, racists or “race realists” don’t know jack about anything. They’re just angry, insecure people too cowardly to come out and declare that they hate and feel threatened by PoC, so they hide behind fake identities and BS arguments that don’t hold up to scrutiny, ranting online to like-minded mouthbreathers who gulp in approval. Maybe he can go back to his beloved hometown and teach there.