is reporting that three Montgomery County residents filed a lawsuit against Montgomery College last week seeking to overturn its practice of granting the lowest tuition rates to some illegal immigrants. The lawsuit, filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, claims the college is breaking the law by allowing recent graduates of the county's public schools — regardless of their immigration status — to attend the college at the in-county tuition rate. Opponents of the reduced tuition say that it is costing the state millions of dollars annually and preventing U.S. citizens from attending the school. Supporters believe that the policy is lawful and helps make college affordable for the students.

State law prohibits undocumented students from receiving a reduced rate, and such students also are ineligible for financial aid through the federal government. Sen. Victor Ramirez (D-Dist. 47) of Cheverly and Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. (D-Dist. 18) of Kensington are preparing to introduce legislation that would make undocumented students eligible for in-state tuition at Maryland's public colleges and universities if they meet certain criteria. Montgomery County Democratic executive Isiah Leggett and other elected leaders and college officials say that they support the college's policy, which they believe is legal. The college released a statement last Thursday saying, "The college adheres to all laws and regulations regarding the information submitted for state aid."

First of all, the notion that these "illegal" immigrants are taking spots is a false one. Who is to say that if illegal immigrants weren't allowed to enroll that there wouldn't be another outstanding citizen to get the slot you think is yours? What then? It's all good. Nope, they would just find something else to complain about. Second, if they successfully complete high school like other citizens and noncitizens, why should they then be prevented from enrolling in college? You enroll them in high school and allow them to finish, so why not college, especially when they're paying? With all of the fabulous schools in the DMV, we don't understand all of the fuss, especially if the citizens are such great students. Perhaps if they studied their books more and studied other folks' business less, they wouldn't need a lawsuit to keep out the competition.


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